Upright: Balance, Equity, Fairness

Reverse: Dishonesty, Injustice, Unaccountability

The great horned owl stands tall and regally upon its perch of balanced scales. it resides over its court as an unbiased judge for all who may enter its halls. justice represents such a firm and focused way of living, balancing fairness and intuition with truth and logic. it is important to be firm and focused in life, and at times, it’s best to make decisions firmly and impartially. however, justice reminds us that there are spiritual consequences, both good and bad, to every action we take. 

when upright, justice represents cause and effect, order, and fairness. it is telling the user that the fruits of their actions will soon flourish. if you acted with good intentions, then rest easy, knowing that the truth will soon be made apparent. if not, then you will soon be held accountable. this position also symbolizes a search for the truth. you’re being urged to pause and think carefully about your current situation. there’s an important detail just out of sight, and finding it will help pave the way for your future. trust in your intuition and your logic to help you make the right decision when the time comes. 

when reversed, justice suggests that the user has done something they know is morally wrong. you have a choice to make: come clean and make amends, or continue to hide the truth. justice, regardless of orientation, is a card built on consequences. the truth will come to light either by your own hand or by its own accord. similarly, this position can also imply that the user has refused to take accountability for something they’ve done. blaming others won’t assuage you of guilt or fault. reassess the situation and work to understand where you’ve gone wrong. don’t let it ferment and fester. forgiveness starts within you. if you’re in the midst of making an important decision, understand the potential for future consequences. don’t go into things hastily. seek to make balanced decisions, especially if the fallout affects those around you.