The Chariot

Upright: Progress, Self-confidence, Victory

Reverse: Aggression, Moderation, Powerlessness

A harpy eagle proudly surveys the world around it from upon its perch. harpy eagles are very deadly and very commanding creatures, and this nature only empowers their symbolism of strength, ferocity, and alertness. because of their status as an endangered species, they understand all too well what it means to forge their own path and continuously fight the good fight. the chariot reminds us that we must take a proactive stance in overcoming our personal obstacles. we can plan our future steps and express our feelings about a situation, but it’s only through action where we can change the course of our lives.

When upright, the chariot demands the user take action to see their goals to fruition. this is not a card of passivity—don’t rest easy on your laurels when there are steps to be taken and challenges to be won. just as the heroes of yore set out on their journeys to test themselves against fate, so too should you embrace the struggles ahead. there will be challenge, but you’ll be ready for them. whether the journey is metaphorical or literal, forge bravely on! your path is set, and though the way is not entirely clear, it is yours to conquer. at the end of it all, you will gaze upon your victories as if they were the armor of defeated foes resting upon trophy poles.

When reversed, the chariot suggests that the journey ahead, fraught with obstacles and challenges, may be too much for the user to contend with at the moment. now is not the time to run headlong into danger. take a moment to think about your situation and review your plans. amend them if necessary. you might feel brave enough to tackle your troubles alone, but you would do well to tread carefully. this position can also imply that the user has lost steam in an ongoing venture. evaluate where along the way you began to lose motivation and think about what you’re trying to achieve. perhaps you need to take a different direction to get back on track.