The Empress

Upright: Beauty, Maternity, Sensuality

Reverse: Dependence, Overbearance, Surpression

The stork spreads its wings and dances among peace lilies, a powerful symbol and celebration of all that is feminine. storks are regarded as symbols of new life, rebirth, and purity. they are often seen as figures that something — be it a child, a burst of inspiration, or even a new project — is on the way. the empress, in all of her elegance, reminds us to embrace the softness within us, and by nurturing this gentle spirit, we can welcome a wealth of new opportunities and possibilities within us. when upright, the empress encourages the user to nurture hope and welcome the future with a warm embrace. take a moment to appreciate the beauty in your life. watch as it evolves into something even more breathtaking. your future looks promising, filled with new opportunities and positive changes. with all these changes, be careful not to get swept away. share your joy with others and bask in the love. this position also states that it’s time to connect with yourself on a deeper level. your intuition is trying to reach out to you. listen to whatever it’s trying to say; trust yourself. your instincts will guide you in the right direction. when reversed, the empress signifies that its time for the user to spend some time alone. there are many reasons for this, but take this as a sign that you need to stop and recharge. you’re on the brink of burning out or putting yourself on an unhealthy path. don’t neglect your own needs in an attempt to satisfy others or chase creative pursuits. you’re draining yourself, and in spite of how good it feels to be needed, your willpower is a finite resource. think of this downtime as a reward for your loving spirit and give yourself some time to heal. this position can also signify that someone in your life is trying to send you important signals. you might need to spend time with someone or give them a little space. be alert and read the signals well to understand their true meaning.