The Fool

Upright: Freedom, Idealism, Spontaneity

Reverse: Hopelessness, Irrationality, Recklessness

A sea turtle chips away at its egg shell and enters the universe, unaware of all wonders that lay before it. Due to their long lives, sea turtles commonly represent good luck and patience. They endure the many highs and lows and live to face new challenges. Similiary, The Fool represents the start of a journey. Even though the future is uncertain and the path ahead may be rough, he faces the horizon excitedly. Like the young sea turtle, you are at an important junction of your life and at the start of a new path. Take it and see where it leads.

When upright, The Fool signifies someone who is a dreamer, their head frequently lost in the clouds. You may have new things you wish to do or new opportunities you wish to explore. This is your time to take a leap of faith. Even though the path ahead is unclear, remain optimistic and persevere. Focus on your end goal and trust in your vision. The potential for success is infinite.

When reversed, The Fool can show some hesitance about taking the precipitous first step. Indecision, self-doubt, and anxiety may be preventing you from moving forward. Trust yourself. It may be best to postpone any decisions in question until the way becomes clearer. Conversely, this position can also signify recklessness and the fallout that follows. Temper expectations and take heed that living carefree doesn’t mean living in spite of consequences. Step back, take a look at the bigger picture, and act accordingly.