The Star

Upright: Hope, Positivity, Rejuvenation

Reverse: Despair, Discouragement, Pessimism

the jellyfish hovers with a compass rose, floating through the sky and guiding its followers into the future. though they are seemingly simple creatures, jellyfish are truly remarkable, capable of great feats and evolution that defy comprehension. they flow gracefully through the water, even down to the inky depths of the ocean, and symbolize protection, caution, sensitivity, and trust. they carry with them a great spiritual power. the star reminds us to maintain hope for the future. we must continue to be as free and flowing as a jellyfish is free and adapts to our surroundings in a stellar fashion.

when upright, the star signifies a time for large personal growth and discovery. if following the tower, your hardships are finally at an end. cast off the old and welcome in the bright and beautiful new. it’s time to usher in a new era of positive change and inner development. make plans for your future and start working on personal projects or revisit those that may have been lost along the way. use this new energy and change to distance yourself from the past and reconnect with things that might have fallen by the wayside. also, use this time to give back to others. take some of what has been given and share the bounty with those in need.

when reversed, the star isn’t as optimistic. there has been a loss of faith that has permeated every aspect of your life. hardships have begun to sprout up seemingly without reason, and your bitterness towards your sour luck has begun to wear you down. this will be a trying time for you, and you will become detached from yourself. it’s possible that you will suffer from a loss of passion and creativity if you haven’t already. it’s time to to refocus on what is important in life and nurture it. emphasize self-care as you reconnect with yourselve. persevere through these difficulties, and relief will come in its own time.