Eight of Swords

Upright: Entrapment, Restriction, Victimization

Reverse: Empowerment, Freedom, Maturity

a sleeping mole is nestled within a small burrow, held in place by eight jabbing swords that seek to keep it trapped where it lays. moles are blind, living their lives underground in the dark. they symbolize self-imposed restrictions, but if the mole were able to see, it would find gaps large enough to slip through. escape is possible, but only if one acts under their own volition. the eight of swords reminds us that we are able to escape our confinements so long as we open our eyes to see the gaps in the cell bars.

when upright, the eight of swords indicates that you’re feeling restricted and trapped by your present situation. perhaps your job may be draining you dry, a relationship you’ve entered has swiftly turned abusive, or other like situations. your options may feel limited, but they aren’t. seek out new perspectives and rid yourself of unproductive thoughts and intentions. once you realize which directions you can go, commit to a decision and understand that, even if you have no guarantee of success, attempting to find happiness elsewhere is better than remaining trapped in the hellish hole you’re currently in.

when reversed, the eight of swords can represent either taking back control or advancement upon a situation of great oppression. the timing of this meaning is key. in its truest form, you’re facing your fears and are ready to heal. you have recently overcome a great obstacle, and your time of prosperity is nigh. on the other hand, this position symbolizes that you are about to walk a very turbulent path or are surrendering to the pressure around you. do not despair. you’ve come so far, and you’ve done more good than you might yet think. this path you’re about to set on is merely a bump in your path, and once it passes, you will come out stronger than ever. regardless of its timing, now is the best time to ask for help so that you can move forward in a healthy and productive fashion.