Five of Wands

Upright: Competition, Conflict, Rivalry

Reverse: Diversity, Opportunity, Reconciliation

the glaucus atlanticus, or blue slug, meanders along the ocean’s surface, letting the currents carry it wherever they may lead. five stalks of coral impede its path, but still the blue slug keeps moving, pushing through adversity to see what lies beyond. its path is not an easy one. the ocean is fickle, its waves treacherous. the five of wands reminds us that we must prepare for adversity no matter where we go. the road to moving forward is rarely as smooth as it initially seems.

when upright, the five of wands suggests that the user is up against competition or hardships that have slowed their progress to a crawl. something is impeding your ability to move forward, and most likely, this tension comes from other people who are working towards goals similar to yours. everyone wants their voices to be heard, and yet no one is listening. there are opinions that aren’t being heard that may just provide the answers to the questions you seek. strive to be the force that pulls instead of pushes. be enthusiastic and encouraging throughout this transition. people are always stronger together than apart, and there’s no limit to what you might accomplish should you stop fighting against everyone else’s current.

when reversed, the five of wands suggests instead of external forces battering down on you, the conflicting and opposing forces at work are stemming from internal channels. you might be struggling to formulate an opinion on a contentious topic or fumbling through making sense of an immensely personal choice. everywhere you turn you see new facets to the arguments battling away inside of you, and instead of clarity, these new perspectives just add another angle upon which to become overwhelmed. this position suggests that the user dislikes conflict and works hard to avoid it wherever they can. while helpful in some situations, this sort of behavior leads to these kinds of issues. you need to confront things head on and make a stand for what you truly want for yourself. once you do, relief will be swift to follow.