Four Of Pentacles

Upright: Affluence, Frugality, Possessiveness

Reverse: Accountability, Change, Theft

An armadillo sits curled around a pentacle, its armored bands defending it from the outside world.while the pentacle is safe, though, the armadillo is stuck in place, unable to move for fear of what might become of its prize. the two spears of hay above its head represent the prosperity lying in wait outside the boundaries of the armadillo’s protective sphere. they are out of reach, close by but inaccessible to someone who refused to open up to what life may bring them. the four of pentacles reminds us that secluding ourselves provides protection, but it also alienates us from the rest of the world.

when upright, the four of pentacles asks the user to be critical regarding their relationship to money. there is a fine line between being frugal and being miserly. one brings economic relief when life takes a turn while the other places you in a state of anxiety, distrust, and paranoia.while this position can suggest that you’ve reached economic stability by remaining careful, conservative, and attentive, it usually implies that you’ve become unable to spend for fear of losing your fortune. forgoing happiness entirely will not serve you well. money should not be the focal point of your life and actions. control can be had in other ways. try to live within your means without punishing yourself, and remember that there is more to life than the pursuit of wealth.

when reversed, the four of pentacles implies that you have begun to second-guess your priorities. you have come to the realization that money is not happiness, and material goods cannot make up for the lack of emotional stability that love can bring instead. consider downsizing and refocusing on emotional bonds over material items. conversely, this position can also indicate that you have been spending money faster than you can save it. you may be doing this to make up for a lack of happiness in your life, but you need to come to terms with the fact that bringing yourself closer to debt will only increase your stress. greed brings instant gratification. seek out meaningful relationships that will sustain you far longer, and seek the stability you crave in more productive ways. focus on your environment first. deep clean your room or tidy a messy space. start small and apply these changes to the rest of your life until you feel more in control.