King of Pentacles

Upright: abundance, dependable, status

Reverse: Greed, materialism, underqualified

a bull rears up on his hind legs under the glow of a brilliant pentacle. the rays radiate outwards, illustrating dynamic energy, and the bull — a symbol of stamina, virility, strength, and determination — charges forward, eager to seek out wealth lying just beyond the horizon. the king of pentacles reminds us that material success is imminent. our hard work has bled into prosperity, and it is now time to safeguard it for the future.

when upright, the king of pentacles signifies that the user is on a hard fought path towards self-improvement and achieving a longtime goal. developing ideas is just one part of the task; you are capable of leading others, laying the groundwork for new projects, and directing resources for the best possible outcome. struggle is far behind you. now is the time to embark on new ventures. a significant male figure will soon be playing an important role in your life. he comes off as wise and grounded, but don’t count on him for tactful judgement. learn what you can from him and benefit from his presence while he’s around.

when reversed, the king of pentacles asks you to reassess how you engage with money. you may find that you’ve been having trouble keeping hold of the money you’ve been making or have been spending it quickly on luxuries or risky ventures. self-discipline is very important right on holding back on these urges before it puts you in the hole. conversely, you may be experiencing trouble with prioritizing things other than money. you may be dedicating all of your time and effort towards making money while neglecting the people around you. seek to realign your priorities and temper your need to excel through less than honorable means. try to break out of bad habits and attempt to do things differently if you’re feeling stuck in your ways