Page of Swords

Upright: Fairness, inquisitive, liveliness

Reverse: paranoia, relapse, Survival

a cockatoo stands firmly on the blade of a kukuri, the sword pointing in one direction while the bird faces the opposite. as a symbol of spirit, cockatoos are talkative, inquisitive birds. they are eager to take in the world around themselves, and they enact positive movement when they take flight. the page of swords reminds us to reduce wasteful actions, to keep our mental agility, and to avoid any conflicts that prevent us from flying freely.

when upright, the page of swords symbolizes passion, vigilance, and speaking out against injustice. the user is bursting with inspiration and enthusiasm, and they have great ideas for the future that they are chomping at the bit to begin working towards. take this as a sign that it is time to explore new ideas and ways of thinking. you are capable of anything, and you should definitely act now while the excitement is still fresh. communicate with others and explore new ways of getting your point across. take heed that, though anything seems possible right now, things may still go wrong. check in on your energy reserves so that you don’t run out of steam halfway to the finish line.

when reversed, the page of swords implies that you are struggling to live your truth. this may be in general, or it may relate to expressing your true self in the public sphere. you may be a private person at heart, nervous to share your ideas aloud, but this is your sign that it might be time to break out of your shell. this position can also indicate that you are acting hastily; you may be promising more than you can realistically deliver. rein yourself in and concentrate on completing one thing fully before moving onto the next. if you suspect bad news is on the horizon, don’t fret. your mind is still sharp, and you have tools sat hand to best any hardship.