Seven of Cups

Upright: Adaptability, Illusion, Undermining

Reverse: Consequence, Malice, Slander

a narwhal swims deep into the ocean, its horn a vibrant rainbow that harkens to the old legends often attributed to this creature. in antiquity, narwhal tusks were traded far and wide as proof of the existence of unicorns. even today they are commonly known as the unicorns of the sea, and their existence carries with it a mythical, illusionary aura that blends well with the symbolism of the seven of cups. wishful thinking can lead to risk taking, but just as the cups in the illustration sink slowly to the bottom of the ocean, we should be wary that risks can carry with them unexpected consequences.

when upright, the seven of cups represents new opportunities and choices that have arisen in the user’s life. you have found yourself surrounded by possibilities on every side, but an air of caution might be necessary as you begin assessing your options. if you are prone to wishful thinking or unrealistic daydreaming, you may find yourself misled. carefully look at your options and see them for what they are. read the writing on the wall and then examine the finer print. not all of the options set before you are as bountiful as they may first appear. the dazzle and luster of a shiny new opportunity might try to drag you in, but use your keen mind to keep you focused. be thorough and steadfast with your current commitments, and dedicate yourself to whatever choices you make right now.

when reversed, the seven of cups focuses heavily on the negative consequences of falling to temptation. the allure of opportunity might be harder to resist, but your stalwart spirit is needed now more than ever. instead of going for the most popular choice, think of how each choice will impact you in the long-term. opportunities with glitz and glam may only pave the way to ruin. hastily form relationships can lead to a lasting bitterness. it may be overwhelming to consider every option, especially if you can’t tell just yet how it may turn out in the future, but rest assured that you have the inner tools necessary to make the decision. by the same token, this position represents owning up to any past wrongdoings and making amends.