Seven of Swords

Upright: betrayal, Dishonor, Trickery

Reverse: Confession, Deception, Malevolence

a black widow spider carefully crawls along the length of a blade, her path sharp and her vision clear. black widows are incredibly poisonous creatures. they devour their mates after sex, thusly and famously representing betrayal and deceit. the seven of swords is a card of lies and backstabbing. it reminds us to take care so that we too don’t end up victims at the end of a friend’s sword.

when upright, the seven of swords indicates that the user is embroiled in a sticky web of lies, deceit, and betrayal. you may be the one sneaking around with bad intentions. if so, you have no guarantee of successfully getting away with it. take heed and correct your course. if you are the victim in this situation, be wary of those around you who may not have your best intentions at heart. prioritize yourself over others and, if necessary, consider taking some shortcuts to get closer to your ultimate goal. you may need to be selfish if a situation arises where you are asked to sacrifice one thing for another. fleeing from adversity to protect yourself at this time will only yield short-term safety. come to terms with the fact that you will eventually have to face whatever it is head on.

when reversed, the seven of swords suggests that you are embroiled in a battle against imposter syndrome. you may feel that you are deceiving others about your skills, capabilities, and/or ability to handle the responsibilities you’ve been given. don’t allow yourself to become entrenched in these feelings, or they will consume you. believe in the faith that others have put in you, and if you can, reach out to others for some honesty and reassurance. it can help lift your spirits and/or help you seek your weaknesses in a new, constructive matter. this position also represents inner deceit at its core. dark secrets, poisonous thoughts, and unspoken guilt will destroy you from the inside out. come clean with what’s bothering you. only confession will bring you the catharsis you so desperately need.