Six of Pentacles

Upright: Assistance, generosity, Support

Reverse: Debts, Subservience

Three meerkats stand at attention within the opening of their burrow, keeping watch while their colony forages elsewhere. every meerkat in a colony has a duty to fulfill, and though these watchmen can’t eat right now, they know that their sacrifice allows for the rest to hunt in confidence, reassured that no danger will come their way. the six of pentacles rewards charity among its recipients, promoting community and the care that goes into nurturing it. meerkats are pack animals, thriving when everyone does their due. keep your hand outstretched and fairness in mind.when you need it, you will be rewarded in turn for your good deeds.

when upright, the six of pentacles suggests that the user may be in a position to be charitable with those less fortunate. financial security has taken root, and charity is something you can engage in without fear of overextending yourself. be free with your wealth and share your bounty. the universe gives back to those who hold out their hands. this position can also mean that you are the one receiving charity from a giving hand. though accepting help can be difficult, put away your pride and accept it with gratitude. know that they are doing you a good turn, and when you are back on your feet, you can return it in spades. charity is an investment both spiritually and emotionally. nurture those around you in good faith and allow them the tools to give back once they are in the position to do so.

when reversed, the six of pentacles suggests that the user has been negligent in giving back to themself while giving to others freely. you may need to take a step back to administer some much needed self-care. there is no harm in rewarding yourself for all the good you’ve done. you deserve it! take care though that your giving nature isn’t being taken for granted. if you are struggling, don’t overextend yourself. it can be easy to help others at the expense of yourself, but charity can turn to self-injury when you give more than you can safely give. be mindful of the commitments you are making, and always keep in mind that charity is for others, not self-reward. if you are in a relationship, one partner may be overly invested and the other under. compromise is key to keeping things healthy.