Ten of Cups

Upright: Blessings, Harmony, Teamwork

Reverse: Infertility, Neglect, Separation

a family of fennec foxes sit nestled in their den, content and secure beneath an array of glistening gilded cups. these cups symbolize the absolute pinnacle of fulfillment capable of being had. the foxes’ world is safe and warm. they are able to live without fear, solely focused on the future of their family and what they might do to improve upon their already wonderful circumstances. the ten of cups reminds us to cherish the love in our life, no matter where it comes from. emotional fulfillment is nourishment meant to be shared with those around us.

when upright, the ten of cups suggests that the user has achieved a remarkable, unparalleled sense of fulfillment from all angles. you are brimming with love and keen to share it with those you share a close emotional bond with, especially those in your circle of family and friends. everything you should have is in clear and happy abundance, and you’re about to reap the fruits of your previous endeavors. be sure to appreciate this bounty of goodwill as you continue down your future path.

when reversed, the ten of cups indicates that you are currently seeking a stronger level of connection from your relationships. you have an idealized version of a perfect relationship in your head, but your current reality does not live up to this at all. you feel disconnected and out of sync with those around you, and you may be suffering in communicating this feeling to others. what harmony and contentment you may have achieved has slipped away, leaving behind a new world of conflict and upset. communication is the strongest foundation you have, and you’ll have to start there first. your relationships lack that solid start and will need a great deal of repair. protect the flickering flame of love still inside of you and pace yourself. things may seem hopeless, but once you lay the groundwork to repair these cracks, you’ll find that your peace will return stronger in due time.