Three Of Cups

Upright: Community, Indulgence, Reunions

Reverse: Cancellations, Gossip

Three quokkas emerge from green, leafy cups; their faces are cheerful and optimistic. quokkas are incredibly social creatures. they live in large communities and assist one another with day-to-day survival and are known to approach humans readily. their curious smiles grant them the name “the happiest animals on earth.” even the yellow flowers they’re nestled in symbolize friendship, success, and happiness. the three of cups reflects the cheerful, friendly nature of the quokka and reminds us to celebrate the positive relationships in our lives.

when upright, the three of cups encourages the user to acknowledge the relationships they’ve built. take some time to get together with those closest to you. laugh, talk, share a meal, and recharge your creative energies with the love and support of those near you. this is a time for celebration, regardless of whether it’s for yourself or for someone else. you’re past your hardships and are in a period of heightened socialization. who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone with a similar goal who wants to embark on a new project with you. enjoy yourself either way, and take the time to be grateful for the deep friendships you’ve forged.

when reversed, the three of cups suggests that you are in a period of solitude and wish to go it alone right now. your social batteries may be depleted, or you may have found yourself no longer clicking with your social groups. it’s very possible to feel lonely in a crowded room. use this downtime to realign your focus, and if you are in the midst of a group project, this may be a sign to work independently for a while. conversely, you may guilty of overindulging. perhaps you’ve been partying too late and too hard, and now, the effects are catching up with you. take a break from the social scene for a bit. focus on recharging what needs to be recharged before diving back into the fold.