Three Of Swords

Upright: Division, Heartbreak, loneliness

Reverse: Forgiveness, Optimism

a swallow darts through the open sky, narrowly dodging three swords coming towards it. historically, swallows have been linked to nautical travel. swallow tattoos were common fare among sailors who used them to indicate just how long their journeys at sea had been. they are symbols of encountering and combatting adversity and all the surprises life throws our way. the three of swords reminds us that life can be a painful thing, but there is always the hope that calmer tides lie just around the bend.

when upright, the three of swords signifies that the user is undergoing deep emotional pain. someone close to you has hurt you to the core with their words, actions, and/or intentions. you probably didn’t see this coming, but this is a signal that you must seek catharsis from the pain. allow yourself an outlet to release the negative feelings clawing at your insides. once you have found release, only then can you concentrate on how to move on.while pain is an important facet of life, you must be careful not to internalize it. be mindful in your interactions with others. if you find you are prone to being hurt by the words and actions of those around you, you may need to dig deep find the root of where these wounds originate and take the steps needed to heal.

when reversed, the three of swords asks you to pay attention to how you treat yourself internally.words have power, even the ones you only say inside your head. if you are prone to harsh self-criticism, find a way to curb the habit. if you are struggling to stand up to the harsh words of others, it may be time to thicken your skin. life has not been kind in recent days, but working through the pain to identify the root of it will help you push past it and move on to bigger and better things.