Two Of Swords

Upright: Avoidance, Stalemate, Truce

Reverse: Caution

A beta fish considers two swords intently, its focus completely dominated by its indecision. beta fish are fierce warriors, symbolic of individuality, solitude, aggression, and defiant spirit. they must be housed alone to prevent fighting, and when they spot another of their kind, they are likely to flare up and attack instantly. the two of swords suggests a decision that can’t be made easily. we are reminded to turn towards our intuition to determine the path we should take and to move only once we are committed to doing so.

when upright, the two of swords indicates that the user is facing a decision that they don’t know how to approach. you are aware of all possible outcomes, and they seem equal in terms of positive and negative results. make your decision only once your heart and your head agree. you can’t rely on just one for this; equilibrium between logic and emotion are necessary if you wish to succeed in picking the best option. be sure to look for additional information that might have escaped you initially. do not postpone your decision for long. difficult decisions are simply a facet of life, and you can’t ignore the situation forever.

when reversed, the two of swords implies that you are caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of making a decision. you may be thinking it doesn’t matter what you do, that both options will lead to negative consequences, and that it’s impossible to pick the right choice. perhaps you don’t know everything you need to in order to make an informed choice, or there may even be too much information overloading you from every angle. stop, take a breath, and close your eyes. look inwards for clarity. lean on your intuition to guide you. when dealing with other people, this position may also indicate that you are reaching an impasse with a friend, loved one, or coworker, or have begun mediating between two conflicting sides in hopes of ending a growing feud. remove the blindfold you’ve put on yourself and see things from a fair but objective angle. compromise if possible, but if the situation is untenable, remove yourself from it for your own good.