Upright: Conformity, Institutional, Tradition

Reverse: Rebellion, Reversal, Unconventional

A ram stands poised between two pillars, yoked in a triangle. though rams are aggressive creatures, they symbolize stability, structure, and eternity. this specific ram is a hearty breed that can survive in a number of exposed environments; their ability to survive may seem unthinkable, but they understand their dominion well, far better than most, and can therefore thrive. the hierophant is likewise able to find stability in his dominion over the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious. though seen as a beacon of tradition, the hierophant is knowledgeable and can flow well with change. we are reminded to learn find knowledge in all places, to uphold our values and follow our morals, but remember that change is inevitable. adaptation is key to a fruitful life.

when upright, the hierophant tells the user that their current placement in life is or should be steeped in established tradition. there is stability in the tried and true, and if you’re about to start a new phase in your life, you should keep in mind that keeping to established rules and methods will yield success. now is not the time to strike out on your own and try something different. even if you feel like you’re needlessly retracing your own steps, try to seek new understanding based on the structures in your life that are already in place. you could glean some new information from a seemingly familiar perspective. while you may feel restless, know that filling the mold will provide answers that you may or may not actively be seeking. be passive but perceptive. there are guiding forces working in your favor.

when reversed, the hierophant suggests that the user step away from the status quo. if this is your first time breaking from tradition, it can seem scary. if you’ve been bursting at the seams waiting to be free, now is your time to let loose. no matter your level of experience, you’re ready to separate from the herd and strike out on your own. you’ll need to find a path that works best for you and soon fall into your own routine (and eventual tradition). trust yourself from mind to soul to carry you forward, and don’t be afraid to walk to a different beat. question the established way that things are done. do they align with your own values? if not, then it’s time to leave them behind. it may lead to friction from those who don’t share your views, but this is how it’s meant to be. choose your path to the best of your abilities and be confident in what comes next.