Minor Arcanas

The Minor Arcana is the representation of a life’s journey towards enlightenment. It tells a story of ups and downs, of trials and exultations and lessons learned both painfully and gratefully.


The Suit of Cups relates to the inner self and one’s connectivity with the emotional world that resides within us all. Readings that contain predominantly cup cards tend to indicate an emotional journey that may harken to one’s romantic, creative, and interpersonal habits and where they reside along its path.


The Suit of Wands serves as a representation of one’s inner consciousness and the core beliefs, thoughts, and catalysts that make up one’s personality. A roaring fire resides within all of us, but while fire can be cleansing, rejuvenating, and even creative, it can also be wildly destructive if left uncontained.


The Suit of Pentacles represents the physical side of consciousness, relating largely to one’s outer health, finances, and current state of being. If a reading is predominantly Pentacles the answers you seek are largely centered around material things like work, finances, and tangible, materialistic pursuits.


The Suit of Swords reflects the dichotomy between intellect and power and the double-edged sword that one must walk to find harmony between the two forces. This suit deals with the mental side of one’s inner self, illustrating the current mindset one occupies and how it may influence future and present choices.