Upright: Awakening, Composure, Rebirth

Reverse: Accusations, Criticism, Self-loathing

The cicada lifts its shed shell to the heavens as a wreath of trumpet vines heralds the offer through the gate. cicadas have long been regarded as a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and living one’s life carefree and openly. they live their life largely underground, emerging from the soil to shed their skins and emerge as fully formed adults. judgement reminds us to grasp moments of rebirth without fear. there is always something grander in store for us should we shed our past selves and embrace what lies ahead.

when upright, judgement calls on us to rise up and embrace the spiritual awakening at hand. a life-changing decision may be on the horizon, and you must be the one to make it. rely on your intuition and intellect to guide you, and be sure to keep in touch with your inner self to arrive at the right conclusion. any choice you make will have long-lasting consequences, so it may be smart to seek outside help in weighing pros and cons. find support in people you trust, and take comfort in the knowledge that absolution will greet you once the decision is made.

when reversed, judgement usually signifies that self-doubt has taken root in the user, trapping them in a quagmire of inaction. the world is calling out to you, urging you to rise up and make a choice — but while you hear it, you fear what such a choice may require of you. perhaps the journey seems too daunting, the effort too immense. you can’t silence the call to action no matter how hard you try, and this card is just a reminder that you need to silence your inner critic and do what must be done. doubt has no place in your journey. take steps to pull yourself out of the mud and move forward. you won’t accomplish anything hiding your head in sand.