Upright: Bravery, Compassion, Control

Reverse: Reactionary, Self-doubt, Weakness

A reindeer stands regally from within a wreathe made of oak leaves and acorns rising on either side. its large antlers frame a diamond, which is nestled between and uplifted by prongs. because oaks are hearty trees with long lifespans, they are commonly associated with longevity, wisdom, strength, and even divination. the diamond, in a similar fashion, represents richness of one’s self and fills the spirit with positive energies. the reindeer draws from these kindred forces to reinforce its wise spirit and unwavering endurance, both of which will be used during the journey of its life. strength reminds us that sometimes our inner power can be a far greater force than anything physical.

when upright, strength suggests that the user possess great inner strength and control over their willpower. you will need to rely on your own perseverance, tenacity, and determination to pursue your goals and to overcome hardships. others may underestimate you, but the results will speak for themselves. you don’t need to prove anything to anyone other than yourself. seek to control situations by entering them with your head held high. also, this position encourages users to temper their outward reactions and impulses and to channel them into something more constructive. gut reactions will not serve you as well as careful consideration right now. leave impulse behind and embrace patience and planning. now is not the time to be hasty.

when reversed, strength suggests that the user has lost touch with their inner strength. doubt has taken its toll on your confidence, and you may be finding it hard to commit to a course of action when you aren’t sure what it might lead to. take time to get back in touch with yourself. understand what has given rise to these feelings of doubt, and take steps to bolster your energy levels until you regain what was once lost. this position can also imply that the user has become prone to outbursts and leaping without looking where they might land. try to conquer these feelings before you end up doing or saying something you will regret.