Upright: Balance, Self-control, Tranquility

Reverse: Excess, Imbalance, Overflow

The rock crab holds its claws to the sky, connecting the earth with the heaven as solidly as it navigates the waters that lie between both. above its head sits a triangle nestled within a square, symbolic of the way humans are bound to the earth and natural law. temperance reminds us to be moderate and to seek balance in all things. life is full of twists and turns, and only by remaining grounded will we find the path that will lead us where we need to go.

when upright, temperance calls on the user to remain present, to assess their reactions, and to seek the middle ground. resist the urge to be highly opinionated or favor one extreme over the other. work to stay patient and present. follow a more moderate path; try to see all points of view and be a guiding voice of reason between them. this position also suggests combining elements to find better balance. work in new mediums and try to combine different elements in your life to yield something greater than the sum of its parts. synthesis can be the key to discovering a new workflow method, and there’s no telling just how far it’ll take you if you run with it.

when reversed, temperance suggests that the user has fallen off the moderate path somewhere along the line. reel yourself in before outside elements force to do you so. be critical of your current circumstances. are you happy? are you balanced in all things? if not, it may be time to make a change. this position can also suggest that the user is in need of self-healing. moderation isn’t just to keep you walking the straight and narrow. it can also be helpful in maintaining inner health as well. slow down and try to find gratification in the pursuit of moderation. it may surprise you how much good it can do