The Emperor

Upright: Authority, Paternity, Practicality

Reverse: Inflexibility, Stubborness, Tyranny

Tthe elephant stands firm with an unwavering stare. it doesn’t fear conflict or challenge as it assesses its next move. elephants are rich with symbolism, but they’re often associated with knowledge, authority, and structure. they are practical creatures that form close ties to each other and travel with certainty to ensure their collective survival. the emperor reminds us to embrace our practical natures and act with a level-headed. however, we must be careful that our idea of what’s right doesn’t make us stubborn and cold-hearted.

when upright, the emperor suggests that the user is entering a more structured time of their life. this is a time where you’re buckling down and making some changes in your life. during this period, you will value logic more than emotion. you’ll approach life with reason rather than whimsy. this position highly encourages you to embrace practicality if you haven’t before. be careful that you don’t let yourself get swept away in a sea of reason. conversely, you are in a place to accept a new leadership position. accept your new responsibilities with grace and a level head. be mindful of those you oversee. your expectations for success might be difficult for others to achieve. use your keen mind and learn everyone’s strengths. be flexible and encourage everyone to succeed.

when reversed, the emperor implies that the user has suffered from a lapse in judgement. you have either abused your power, or you’ve been subjected to someone else’s harsh authority. if you’re in the wrong, put aside your logic for the time being and reflect on what you’ve done. coming clean in this situation will help clear the air, though forgiveness might be slow. if you are the victim, your best course of action is to keep calm. whereas the other person has gone off on a tirade, allow yourself to be the definition of cool, calm, and collected. stand up for what’s right if the opportunity presents itself. otherwise, keep your sights forward and let the situation come to its natural end.