The Hermit

Upright: Contemplation, Self-reflection, Solitude

Reverse: Anti-social, Oneliness, Phobias

The lynx sits atop a mountain peak and pensively assesses the world in silence. solitary by nature, it walks its path confidently, and with great sight and awareness, it will be able to see the many directions it can take as it travels. lynxes symbolize many things, but chief among them are confidence, independence, peace, and patience. though the lynx walks with grace and certainty, it knows that its ever present compass is there for added guidance, should it be needed. the hermit reminds us to not only find solace in solitude but to find strength in it.

when upright, the hermit shows that the user has questions that aren’t being answered and suggests that they look within for guidance. it invites you to pull away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to engage with yourself to find the truth you seek. spend some time alone to collect your thoughts and take stock of your current situations and/or those burgeoning questions in your mind. an honest conversation with yourself can help hone your clarity and aid you in attaining true self-actualization. ultimately no matter what your conclusion is, this is a journey you know you need to take alone. the things you learn will shape you for the better. 

when reversed, the hermit suggests that somewhere along the way the user has lost balance on the tightrope walk of introversion versus extroversion. look outside of yourself and see if you have drawn in too deeply. in your path for self-reflection, have you unduly distanced yourself from others? personal connections are important as they help tether us to the surrounding world, so be sure not to abandon them completely. in regards to a personal relationship, this position may also suggest that the user or their partner has become unwillingly isolated. try to assess your standing and understand what it is you truly want. a relationship can only stay strong when each component finds strength in the other. respect one another’s need for space, but also be aware of the need to reconnect as well. if a relationship has ended, this may also be a sign that it may be time to revisit it, either platonically or romantically.