The High Priestess

Upright: Mystery, Spirituality, Unattainability

Reverse: Duplicity, Isolation, Repression

The wolf stands between two pillars, ready to welcome travelers to the ever-changing subconscious realm behind it. often associated with the moon, the wolf represents mystery and grace. the high priestess shares such mystery and taps into the lesser known depths of the soul. though unarmed, she has weaponized intuition and common sense, cutting a sure path to the future. she urges us to similarly follow our instincts and forge ahead on the path best set for us.

when upright, the high priestess indicates that the user has reached bridge that connects the physical realm and the subconscious. there is a decision to be made, and your gut instinct wishes to chime in. listen to what it has to say, especially if you’re feeling any doubts about a situation that you’re in. this inner connection is also important when trying to parse through recently discovered information. maybe you’re debating about whether a position is right for you, or you’ve come to some learn some good news and need to weigh the pros and cons. regardless of the reason, stand on this bridge and connect with yourself. having this moment of reflection will help provide answers that could elude you otherwise.

when reversed, the high priestess suggests that the user’s inner voice is muffled, stifled. something is weighing you down. whether that’s an outside force or an internal dilemma is for you to find out. take the time to cut through the noise and reconnect with yourself. whatever weight is bearing down on you will only continue to hinder you in the future. this position also represents secretive energies. there are individuals in your life who have their own motives that aren’t immediately clear. try not to let these hidden agendas fester. seek them out and engage them in open, honest conversation.