The Lovers

Upright: Duality, Relationships, Unity

Reverse: Conflict, Interference, Misinterpretation

Two seahorses float intertwined in an embrace peacefully among the seaweed. seahorses symbolize the patience, protection, persistence, and generosity that goes hand in hand with relationships of every kind. whether it’s romantic, platonic, or familial love, this is a sign of complete and utter security in a relationship. the lovers reminds us that we should try to maintain the relationships that bring us joy and for us to seek harmony within ourselves. just as the seahorses navigate the ocean depths together with care, so too should we employ careful consideration in our relationships.

When upright, the lovers represents a romantic tie, close friendship, or even a familial connection where love and compassion flow freely. however the relationship presents itself, the connection between those involved is absolute and something that should be valued. though you may not have achieved a perfect harmony just yet, you’re paving the way by “communicating” with your mind, body, and soul to learn and understand yourself better. as you build your relationship with yourself or others, a major choice may be approaching. this choice could put a spotlight on a developing dilemma or conflict that you’ll need to consider carefully. the easiest answer won’t always be the best solution for you. examine what options you have in front of you and make your choice with confidence. know that, no matter what choice you make, the relationships you’ve built are strong enough to support you in whatever course you choose. When reversed, the lovers warns of conflicts that the user is currently dealing with. you might be struggling to come to terms with some decisions you’ve made, or you’re currently battling some conflicts developing from within and without. these conflicts can affect your life domains, including work, school, personal and interpersonal relationships, and more, if they haven’t already. you’re suffering from a communication breakdown that could be affecting you and/or those you are in a close relationship with. now is the time for some mindful consideration. being honest with yourself and others is the best way to go, and the solutions you may come to might not be easy. you might have to accept responsibility for something you’ve done, or you might have to end a relationship. don’t despair. though certain matters can be painful now, just know that you are sowing the seeds for a nurturing future.