The Magician

Upright: Influence, Logic, ResourceFulness

Reverse: Conniving, Greed, Trickery

A pair of snakes are wound tightly together, forming a complex knot around a sword and wand. Though typically regarded as duplicitous creatures, snakes are symbols of opportunity, necessary transitions, and healing. They are also seen as guides that encourage us to fuel positive change in ourselves. The sword and wand they’re wrapped around represent the physical and spiritual ways to utilize our potential. The Magician reminds us that we are well armed to tackle new opportunities, and with our notable intellect and logic, we can use these tools to shape our destiny.

When upright, the Magician signifies that the user is about to experience a wave of positive outcomes. You’re at a point in your life where you’re overflowing with creative potential. If you’re in need of change or if you’re looking to make some improvements in your life, you’re already equipped with the tools, skills, and/or abilities you need to make things happen. This is your time to shape circumstances in your favor. Use your keen mind and intense willpower to help manifest the change you want to see in your life. Harness your full potential. Now’s the time to walk a bit off your usual path and carve your own way. At the same time, you will also be introduced to someone who’s own skill and intellect will impress you. It could be someone you know or someone you meet for the first time. Never turn down an opportunity to learn more and gain a better understanding of the world and people around you. 

When reversed, the Magician represents doubts weighing heavy on the user’s mind. You might be feeling less than your stellar self, or your second guessing your own abilities. These thoughts could put a damper on your drive and make you feel cynical about what your future might be or where you’re headed. Don’t let your self-doubt stop you from taking hold of opportunities that come your way, be they jobs, relationships, projects or the like. In spite of the heaviness you feel, you can still craft positive outcomes for yourself. But while you’re under this dark cloud of doubt, be wary of seemingly trustworthy people who might try to manipulate you for their own gain. Keep a level head and allow yourself to move at a slower pace with those who you’re getting odd vibes from. The truth will eventually come to light.