The Moon

Upright: Anxiety, Ignorance, Obfuscation

Reverse: Disillusion, Reveal, Turnaround

the rabbit dances through the night sky under the moon’s watchful eye atop a crescent sprig of belladonna. rabbits are commonly associated with luck, but they also represent longevity, vulnerability, perception — and a need to plan thoroughly. the belladonna, a pleasant looking plant once used as a beauty product, harbors a dark secret. though a rabbit might be able to stomach the plant’s berries, humans will easily succumb to their poison. the moon reminds us to prepare for danger or for unpleasant situations ahead. though everything seems calm, we must use our intuition to tune into the world around us. only then can we navigate around dangers yet unseen and live to dance another day.

when upright, the moon signifies that the user is besieged by anxiety. be careful when making decisions right now. you might not be in the right headspace, and pertinent information won’t be readily available when you need it. deeply ingrained fears are starting to make themselves known, and you may feel as if you’re out on your own. don’t let these fears consume you. threats feel larger than they truly are. if something from your past is disturbing you, it’s time to confront it. there’s a chance that what’s bothering you isn’t as oppressive asit initially seems. seek support in others if you need stability. take a deep breath and tread carefully. the time for haste has passed. caution and intuition are the most trustworthy guide in your corner now.

when reversed, the moon shows that the user is going into let go of their fears and anxieties. secrets and lies will soon be brought to the light, and any confusion you’re experiencing at this time will be cleared. you are about to overcome intense personal struggles, but don’t celebrate just yet. your recovery will not be easy nor will it be smooth. the path to the future isn’t entirely clear right now, and people or other circumstances will try to further obscure your vision. by the same token, this position is telling the user that they’re currently steeped in falsehood. perhaps you’re lost in a world of make-believe, trying to pretend that your circumstances aren’t what they actually are. or someone has led you astray. this is the time to come to terms with your reality and make changes to free yourself from these illusions. a better future awaits you, but you have to leave deception behind.