The Sun

Upright: Joy, Prosperity

Reverse: Exasperation, Unrealistic

the sun basks the capybara in a warm glow as it nestles into a bed of sunflowers. the capybara is a master of its environment and finds harmony in nature. it trusts in nature and the environment to provide for it. the sunflower overflows with positive symbolism, such as loyalty, lasting happiness, and good fortune to name a few. the sun reminds us to indulge in happiness. if something brings joy, we are meant to cherish it. the situation may not last, but the memories and impact will carry on within us forever.

when upright, the sun is a sign of the great positive forces working in the user’s favor. you might be feeling lighter lately and filled with a sudden zest for life. and if you’re not now, know that good vibes will soon be coming your way. slow your pace and simply enjoy the moment. bask in the good company around you, and spend some pleasant time by yourself. life can, at times, be difficult and feel unforgiving. if you’re currently going through hardship, harness this energy to move forward in a positive direction. you’ll find that the path ahead isn’t as dark as it once seemed, and the light building within you will guide you towards prosperity in no time.

when reversed, the sun is indicating that the user is feeling trapped in negativity and may be struggling to remain positive. it’s hard to summon the energy to be enthusiastic when nothing feels worth the effort. daily life can take its toll on a person, so be sure to ground yourself. reconnect to the youthful energy of your inner child; pick up a hobby or project you’ve cast aside; reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to lately. find what brings out the light and nurture it until it shines. keep in mind the path you wish to travel. if you haven’t decided on where to go, take this time to plan your next steps. be sure to take stock of every option to ensure that the best route is taken