Wheel Of Fortune

Upright: Cycles, Destiny, Serendipity

Reverse: Misfortune, Setbacks, Upheaval

a scarab rests in the center of a wheel with its wings outstretched, ready to catch the winds of fate and take flight towards its destiny. four arrows point outward from the center, symbolizing the directions fate can take us in. scarabs on their own represent coming to an unavoidable crossroads and that you will always find enlightenment should you daringly travel the uncertain paths of life. the wheel of fortune reminds us that fortune will unfailingly point us in the right direction, even if the reasons why and the methods aren’t entirely clear.

when upright, the wheel of fortune states that the user will experience a wave of change. if you’re currently undergoing hardships, good things are inbound. if you’re experiencing your own slice of good fortune, it will soon come to a peaceful end, and things will return to “normal.” try to appreciate (or find the silver lining in) where you are now and understand that all states are transitory. have faith in the universe’s nature to provide, but be aware that karma has a tendency of making itself known. deal honorably and faithfully with others. if you don’t, you’ll find yourself paying for it later. also, be prepared for a change in the winds to strike soon. something unexpected may be on its way.

when reversed, the wheel of fortune can be a sign that the user’s luck is about to take a sizable hit. fortune will not favor you in the days ahead, so be mindful of what led to your present circumstances. prepare to take responsibility for them if you overstepped your authority. be mindful of any lessons that can be learned from these hardships and use them to take back control. changing one’s destiny starts from within. this position may also be a sign that the user has become stuck in their ways. resisting change can do more harm than good, so be open to new ways of thinking or behaving. resistant stagnating for the sake of maintaining the familiar. fortunately and ironically, this position may also signify that the user has arrived at the end of a negative cycle.