Ace of Pentacles

Upright: Menifestation, Newsness, Opportunity

Reverse: Deficiency, Delays, Lateness

The glass frog rests on a pentacle among lily flowers, looking out to the future with a discerning, critical gaze. As tadpoles, these creatures fall from the trees to live in the water below before undergoing the transformation into adulthood. Glass frogs then live their lives among the trees, their hearts and organs visible through their transparent skin. The Ace of Pentacles is a symbol of opportunities but also serves as a warning to those who assume success is possible without hard work in return. It reminds us to look within ourselves as we begin to manifest our new goals and intentions.While the lily can symbolize hope and devotion, it too can be the symbol of a funeral. Don’t fall victim to haste; dreams can die swiftly if given less effort than they require.

When upright, the Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings and opportunities. Something in your life is about to give way to new beginnings, be it a new job, a raise, your physical wellness, or something else material that you’ve been needing for awhile now. Prosperity is coming, and it’s coming soon! But as with most things in life, this oncoming abundance comes at a cost. Success is not guaranteed but earned. Consider this a sign that you should begin planning new goals, and be ready to work hard to make them a reality. The stars are aligned and the world is your oyster; just take heed that you don’t confuse opportunity knocking as a guaranteed win.

When reversed, the Ace of Pentacles suggests that the user is encountering obstacles as they try to move forward in life. A job opportunity may have fallen through or a promised raise never came to pass. This is very much a sign to not count your chickens before they hatch. Resist the urge to invest in something you can’t pay for now under the guise of future earnings. Move only when you know the time is ripe for it, and when you know you can back it up. Try to bide your time and live frugally until the promised windfall comes to pass. You never know how long you might have to wait for it to come, and it’s best not to be stuck out in the cold before it does.