Eight of Pentacles

Upright: Qualification, Reputation, Trade

Reverse: Listlessness, Mediocrity, Uninspired

the baya weaver toils away at its task of encasing a pentacle in a woven nest. its work is flawless, and the seven pentacles in the background showcase just how hard the weaver works in developing its trade. the eight of pentacles is a card that finds value in and rewards hard work. an expert is made by developing one’s skills and never taking shortcuts. just as the baya weaver, we too need to remember that hard work is its own reward. the more we practice, the better prepared we’ll be for the jobs ahead.

when upright, the eight of pentacles suggests that the user is working hard to develop their skills. you have become fully focused on honing your skills with a determination that can only lead to future success. you may be considering supplementing your education through additional schooling or even by picking up some new books. you have a goal in mind of how to better yourself, and you know that only through practice will you succeed in becoming an expert. self-improvement is always admirable. if you aren’t currently taking steps to learn a new skill or hone an existing one, considering changing that. the time is ripe for it, and it’s never a bad idea to improve in any areas that may need it.

when reversed, the eight of pentacles can suggest that the user is focusing inward for personal development as opposed to the development of an external skill. you may be taking steps to change your perspective or state of mind. pursuing spiritual betterment can be difficult, but you are determined and success is in the cards. conversely, this position may suggest that you have become fixated on the idea of achieving perfection, and in this pursuit, you have lost sight of why you have taken steps to better yourself to begin with. changing yourself for the better is an admirable goal, but becoming obsessed and rigid in your efforts will only cause future problems. reassess why you are making these efforts. try to focus on the right things and keep your goals realistic. perfection is impossible. you are learning—be ready to commit to things in the long-term to see the success you’re aiming for.