Eight of Wands

Upright: Action, Movement, Vigor

Reverse: Delays, frustration, Regression

the peregrine falcon swiftly darts through the air, dodging the eight arrows racing towards it. this falcon is touted as one of the fastest in the world, capable of swooping down at incredible speeds to snag its prey with a grace and dexterity that few could ever hope to match. falcons have long been believed to be apex hunters and symbols of rising above challenging situations. the arrows of adversity could never hope to catch up to the peregrine falcon, so long as it uses its natural gifts to stay ahead of them. the eight ofwands reminds us to keep moving forward. you’ve left your troubles and hardships behind and are now heading towards a brighter future.

when upright, the eight ofwands signifies that the user has overcome past adversity and moved forward into a new dynamic space where their energies can now be directed towards their goals once more. the core trait of this position is dynamism: go with the flow, embrace the swiftness that life is granting you, and move forward, not back. hone in on your goals and don’t let yourself get distracted. this is a time for taking the bull by the horns and getting things done. any ongoing projects are soon to be blessed with a spurt of creativity that will quickly see them through to completion. if you have new ideas, move them off of the backburner and strike while the iron is hot. the world is open to you –embrace the chance you’ve been given to explore what you’ve always wanted to explore.

when reversed, the eight ofwands suggests that the user is charging on full steam ahead but hasn’t taken time to consider exactly what their next step will entail. a degree of foresight is necessary to dive into things headfirst, and this is evidence that you aren’t at the point yet. there may be a bit of ‘magpie syndrome’ at play here. it’s easy to get distracted by every new idea that comes into your head, but it’s impossible to give each idea its due. dedicate yourself to one, and don’t allow detours until you’ve seen it through to the end. this position can also indicate future delays. be they in travel, projected deadlines, or scheduling issues, be aware that enthusiasm alone won’t help much when the rest of the world is at odds with your productivity. take some time to plan accordingly. getting things streamlined before you make the mad dash to the finish will only help future-you cross the finish line that much easier.