Five of Cups

Upright: Disappointment, Loss, Remorse

Reverse: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Release

Five locusts congregate around five sunken cups, voraciously eating away at the ivy around them. locusts have oftentimes symbolized a famine brought down by the wrath of something greater than an individual. these swarms eradicate crops, leaving those affected with a heavy sense of despair and helplessness. the five of cups rings true with a similar tragedy, only coming to light when a situation has gone awry. however, it’s how you move on from your unfortunate circumstances that determines the overall outcome.

when upright, the five of cups suggests that the user is embroiled in a situation that has gone over their head. things haven’t gone as you expected them to, and you’re filled with disappointment. the situation may have left you feeling bereft or introduced an unwelcome change, either through your job, your relationship, or some significant domain of your life. you’re more focused on the event and the change that it brought than you are figuring out a way to move on and heal. it’s easy to fall into the trap of rumination, but those thoughts are holding you back. you’ll need to forgive yourself and look at the bigger picture. your hurt and pain are valid, but remember that there are opportunities all around you. life goes on, and it’s time for you to do so as well. look forward to a brighter future and step forward towards the happiness you deserve.

when reversed, the five of cups suggests that you’ve recently undergone a situation that set you back in ways you hardly expected. you are disappointed, worried about how others may react, and you may even be locked in a state of denial, refusing to acknowledge the mistakes that brought you to this point. you’ve realized just how impactful these past choices can be, but this position is a reminder that it’s time to forgive yourself for them. the past is fixed in stone. you can’t change things by regretting them for the rest of your life. learn from your mistakes and allow yourself to move past the guilt with new perspectives to guide you into the future.