Five of Pentacles

Upright: Despondency, Struggle

Reverse: Recovery, Security, Triumph

a lone, solitary polar bear stands on a rapidly melting ice cap beneath the blistering sun. time is running out. it stares anxiously ahead as the ground disappears beneath it, unaware of the land nearby. the polar bear was once a symbol of strength and majesty, but as its habitat disappears, the future becomes murky and bleak. the five of pentacles reminds us that help is out there, even if it’s hard to see. even if the ice melts completely, the bear can swim until new ground is found. there is always hope. always.

when upright, the five of pentacles signifies the user is struggling to keep their head above water as their hardships compound. hard times have hit, and it feels inescapable. you may have lost a job, a relationship, financial security, or something material. whatever you’ve lost, you’ve taken hits to your pride on top of it all. try to keep things in perspective, and don’t let yourself succumb to despair. this will pass. these hardships are temporary, which means that it may be time for you to take the reins and seek help if it hasn’t been offered yet. despair can make everything seem like an enemy, even yourself. look inside yourself for the positives of the situation. it may be hard to find them, but they are there. the sooner you find them sooner you can move on from this.

when reversed, the five of pentacles is the harbinger of an end to major hardships. new avenues of opportunity are incoming, be it a new job, a raise, or even just a helping hand from someone who cares. the knocks and bruises you took in your fall are beginning to heal. it may take time to recovery completely. wounds to the spirit always strike deep, and it will take conscious effort to work through the hits to your self-esteem. you may feel like you’re lacking something, and it can lead to you becoming fixated on material wealth or objects. this can be healing, but also very easily damaging. take note if it starts to become a problem, and seek comfort in family or friends to make up the difference. put some faith into the universe to provide. you’ll be surprised how often it answers back.