Four Of Cups

Upright: Apathy, Meditation, Weariness

Reverse: Awareness, Enthusiasm, Motivation

A chambered nautilus rests upon a chalice as three other cups stand before it. long believed to be symbolic of the golden ration, one of life’s greatest and most profound mysteries, this sacred creature exudes a radiating golden aura as it ponders its ancient existence. the four of cups is a card of meditation and contemplation. just as the nautilus pays no mind to the ornate richness of the chalice it sits on, we must keep in mind that opportunities are around us, so long as we pay attention to them enough to pursue them.

when upright, the four of cups symbolizes that the user is overall disinterested in the world around them. you see new opportunities coming your way, but you’re constantly turning them away. you’re at a point in your life where you’re stagnant and apathetic, and nothing is catching your interest. your motivation feels far gone, but they’re merely tampered down for now. carefully examine your current workload and turn down projects that don’t coincide with your overarching goal. and keep an open mind. even though you’re feeling complacent or unmotivated, study the next opportunity that comes your way before dismissing it. doing something new could be just what you need to pull yourself out of this rut.

when reversed, the four of cups suggests that the user’s season of stagnation is coming to an end. you’re finally leaving that rut behind, and it’s time to start over fresh. a new wave of enthusiasm is overtaking you, giving you a long needed boost of energy to chase your goals. it’s also time for some introspection. take time to recharge yourself, but be mindful that you don’t sequester yourself from those who care about you. you may need to reassess your current path to find excitement in it again, and if you are struggling in a relationship, try to open yourself up to your partner to share the feelings you are afraid to share. be mindful of how your isolation can affect others, but ultimately you should take this time to focus on your inner peace of mind.