Four Of Swords

Upright: Recuperation, Self-protection

Reverse: Burn out, Collapse, Restlessness

a sloth hangs from two swords fixed in the sky above. sloths are slow creatures, languid and unbothered by the world around them. they move only when they must, purposefully exerting effort to satisfy their fundamental needs and not much else besides. the four of swords is a card of meditation, contemplation, and recuperation. it reminds us that we don’t need to spend every waking moment in a hurry to be productive. sometimes, the best thing to do is slow down and appreciate a quiet moment.

when upright, the four of swords represents that it’s time to take a break. you’ve recently hit a milestone in your journey towards your ultimate goal, and this is the sign that you need to recharge before setting out on the next jaunt. even the most driven individuals need to slow down every now and again. if you’ve recently hit a rough patch in a relationship or at work, it’s time to hit pause and recuperate from the blow. it can be a challenge to take a break from work and other people, but there are other things you can do while resting. assess your progress thus far and focus on where you want to go next. you’ll find that, once you come back from this break, things will be much more manageable.

when reversed, the four of swords is a dramatic sign that you need to take time to rest. you are working yourself to the bone and giving so much of yourself to those around you. life has kicked into overdrive and left you with precious little energy at the end of each day. if you don’t take some time to relax soon, you will hit a wall and quickly suffer from burnout. once that happens, you won’t be of any help to anyone.while some of this stress may be accumulating from external sources outside of your control, you may actively be making it worse for yourself by tackling everything on your plate at once. you may be frustrated by a lack of visible progress too. slow down, take a step back, and will be there when you get back. for now, focus on giving yourself a much-needed break.