Four Of Wands

Upright: Celebration, Surprises, Vitality

Reverse: Privacy, Transience, Unwelcomed

a male bowerbird sits within his beautifully constructed bower, waiting for his mate to return to complete their courtship ritual. renowned for their elaborate rituals, bowerbirds are the perfect symbol of commitment, hard work, and harmony. male and female bowerbirds work together to raise their young, and the strong monogamous bond they share is the foundation upon which their stable relationship is formed. though the four of wands can symbolize marriage, all relationships – no matter the make up or type, monogamous or open, platonic or romantic – are celebrated equally in the graceful arches of the bower nest.

when upright, the four of wands is a celebration of joy, happiness, and the wonderful facets of life that seek to make everything worth it. it signals a time to celebrate with friends and family. this can range from a large, boisterous event to a small, intimate get-together with only those closest to you. so long as you feel secure and loved, there is no wrong way to enjoy this newfound sense of security your hard work has brought you. be proud: you’ve accomplished a great deal and have earned this time to reconnect with what is most important to you. if you are still working on a major project, this is a sign that a great milestone is about to be reached. take this as a sign that you’ve done a good job!

when reversed, the four of wands suggests that the user isn’t in the same festive mood as others when it comes to celebrating a goal or achievement. you’ve done something to increase your inner stability, and while you are proud of yourself, you don’t think it warrants telling others. honor your hard work privately. take pride in what you’ve accomplished, even if it seems minor. conversely, this position may also indicate a crack in your foundation. there may be something going on with your family or friend group, something that has shaken the stability you once enjoyed. there is a transition at work here, and it won’t be comfortable. hold tight to what you can and retreat to the safe harbor of your inner foundations to find the stability you need.