King of Cups

Upright: Balance, Compassion, diplomacy

Reverse: anxiety, manipulation, ruthlessness

a flamingo balances easily on one leg with a golden cup resting evenly on its back. behind it shines a tempered sun, radiating outwardly with power, serenity, and restraint. flamingos represent composure and balance as well as vibrancy and outgoingness. the two energies create a stabilizing force that lends itself well to diplomacy and group thinking. the king of cups reminds us to find balance in all extremes. once that balance is achieved, there is no limit to the things that can be achieved.

when upright, the king of cups represents a mastery over emotions, creativity, and the user’s subconscious. the work you’ve done to cultivate poise and control is finally paying off, and it is now time to use this newfound balance to guide you away from drama and towards absolute success. when going into decisions, rely on your heart and head equally. intuition can be bolstered with logic as support, and the more you rely on this combination to guide you, the more people will seek you out for guidance in their own lives. act as a leader who cares about the success of a project but also the well-being of those who help you pursue it. be compassionate to others and don’t shy away from being a mentor or guide if the opportunity arises. you’ve worked hard to get to this point, and it’s time for you to guide others down the path too.

when reversed, the king of cups indicates that you are still working towards complete mastery of your inner self. emotional upset and drama may still shake you up, and you may find that your own emotions are actively hamstringing your ability to remain composed in the face of adversity. strive for equilibrium. don’t repress yourself, but work hard to temper your emotions when you feel a tantrum on the rise. this position may also symbolize a force in your life that is emotionally manipulating you. carefully assess the people in your life to determine where this negative energy may be coming from. you don’t deserve it, and it’s time you take steps to break away from it in any way you can.