King of Swords

Upright: clarity, integrity, structure

Reverse: Aggression, cynicism, Irrationality

a crow stands proudly on the pommel of an ornate sword, looking forward to the future ahead of it. crows are immensely intelligent birds that are capable of understanding commands, communicating with fellow crows, and utilizing tools to accomplish tasks. they represent mental fortitude and truth, and while some may consider them an omen of death, there is also an element of wisdom to them. the king of swords reminds us to look to the future with logic as our guide. only then will we make the best choices in the days ahead.

when upright, the king of swords demonstrates that the user possesses great intellect and a clarity of mind that will allow them to make the best decisions possible moving forward. you have a good view of your present circumstances. every facet is laid bare, and you understand exactly what needs to be done. your emotions are in check and will not sway you from taking the most logical path. be sure to research thoroughly before making decisions. be impartial in your dealings with others and understand that people may turn to you for guidance. if you yourself seek guidance, this may be a sign to employ someone knowledgeable on the topic to give you the best possible chance at success.

when reversed, the king of swords represents subtlety. you are an authoritative figure, but your voice doesn’t need to fill a room to be heard. you are confident, in control, and you know that you don’t need to throw around your weight to get things done. even so, take care that you don’t misuse this power. knowing you are competent is great, but using that competency to manipulate others will not serve you well here. be humble, kind, and helpful. if you are prone to showing off your intellect and control, know that you will harm those who may otherwise seek to aid you down the road. this position may also indicate a lack of decisiveness. many options lay before you, but you don’t know which way to turn. pause and look internally for answers. you are a rational individual, and your rationality shall be the key to finding the proper path for you.