King of Wands

Upright: charming, leadership, leniency

Reverse: arrogance, forcefulness, impulsive

a longstanding symbol of power, leadership, and masculine energies, a male lion looks out over his dominion, king of all that he surveys. his staff is large and upright, representing the strength he employs to keep his kingdom running smoothly and without issue. he is confident in his abilities. the king of wands reminds us to rely on our charisma and presence as we pursue our goals. only then will others deign to follow our lead.

when upright, the king of wands signifies that the user is a natural born leader. creativity and dreaming are not what you’re interested in, but you still have goals you wish to pursue. you’re in a good position to enlist the help of others to direct them into working towards a common goal. you may have already been put into a position of leadership, or the opportunity to become one will soon present itself to you. channel your charisma and focus to be the best leader you can be. don’t be afraid of this responsibility; everyone who follows you does so because they believe in what you stand for. take on challenges head on and don’t waste time pursuing things you know won’t yield results. the time for action is now, and you have all the tools necessary to make fortune work for you.

when reversed, king of wands indicates that the user has been put into a leadership role and is not ready for the responsibilities that entails. you may still be a follower instead of a leader, and you struggle to relate to the people around you enough to present the strong foundation they look up to for guidance. perhaps you struggle with delegation, believing only you can produce worthwhile results. be wary of arrogance poisoning your efforts, and be open to what others have to offer, even if they are ranked under you. no one gets to where they are by blindly stepping on the heads of others. be realistic, deal fairly with your followers, and understand that there is more to being a leader than telling others to jump and waiting for them to ask ‘how high?’