Knight of Cups

Upright: artistry, care, romance

Reverse: disappointment, heartbreak, moodiness

a bird of paradise stands on the edge of a golden cup brimming with fruits, its head thrown back to sing its praise to the sky. birds of paradise are resplendent symbols of freedom, creativity, romance, and charm. their beautiful plumage echoes their rumored heavenly origins and invokes joyful visions of paradise. the knight of cups reminds use to be as vivacious and resplendent as these beautiful birds. in order for us to engage in a warm, charming way with those around us, we must keep in touch with our emotions and remain graceful even under the innumerable pressures of life.

when upright, the knight of cups implies that the user is about to receive good news or is about to receive an influx of inspiration. whether you’re thinking about pursuing romantic or creative interests, now’s the time to bite the bullet and follow through. move forward with your dream and remain open to exploring new passions as they emerge. keep in mind that decisions you make now will come from your heart and not your head. how you feel will guide you into the next stage of your journey. stay true to yourself no matter what, and you won’t be led astray.

when reversed, the knight of cups suggests that a wave of bad news is soon headed your way. invitations may be withdrawn, proposals are in short supply, and disappointment will be prevalent. you may be too busy daydreaming about what the finished version of your project will be like instead of acting on it. perhaps someone you’re fond of turned down your romantic gestures. temper your emotions if you find they are preventing you from moving forward. frustration and jealousy are one ends of an extreme, but be mindful of avoiding the other end as well. staring at the world through rose-colored lenses can also prevent you from making proper choices. seek a balanced relationship with your heart and your head. only then will you be able to begin moving forward.