Knight of Pentacles

Upright: efficency, persistence, responsibility

Reverse: impatience, irresponsible, workaholic

a bumblebee labors away atop a honeycomb, filling chamber after chamber with pollen that will one day yield golden honey. flowers surround it to signify the process the bee goes through to accomplish its task. the bee must visit thousands of flowers to gather enough pollen to fill the combs, but it doesn’t shy away from the work; it knows it is necessary. the knight of pentacles knows the value of hard work. though the labor may be intense, it reminds us that only through continual effort will we be able to reap the benefits that follow.

when upright, the knight of pentacles exemplifies the hard work that goes into fulfilling one’s dreams. you either know what you want out of life, or you’re developing a plan. you may already have taken steps to begin the methodical approach to reaching your goals. consistency is valued over speed, and you have taken the time to plan accordingly. it may be boring, but know that your approach will lead you to success.

when reversed, the knight of pentacles suggests that the user is struggling to find the discipline necessary for achieving their goals. there are too many ideas running through your mind, and you have come to the realization that you can’t accomplish everything you set out to do. self-development takes time and effort, but the task of changing yourself for the better needs to start here and now. make a schedule, and plan accordingly. keep in mind that discipline can be a framework that keeps you on track, but it doesn’t have to be so rigid that you can’t appreciate the occasional detour either.