Knight of Swords

Upright: ambition, forward-thinking, motivation

Reverse: arrogance, insincerity, self-obsessed

a vermillion flycatcher darts through the air amidst a shower of shooting stars, a sword tucked behind its wing and its eyes locked on its prize. flycatchers, as the name implies, are skilled hunters who take to the skies in search of small insects to eat. they employ skilled flying techniques and whirlwind darts to nab their tiny prey. the knight of swords speaks of great energy to push forward and the assurance of a keen mind.we are reminded to always look to the next goal and be ready to grab it the second it comes into view.

when upright, the knight of swords suggests that you’re on a mission and won’t let anything stand in your way. you’re an overall ambitious and driven individual, and you’re using your intellect to get through obstacles. taking action is your first instinct, and if you are assertive, you’ll have an easier time getting what you want, when you want it.while it is beneficial to take charge and dive right in, take heed that you don’t move too quickly. think through your actions before leaping wholly into the unknown. engage with others who share your drive and forward-thinking habits. you may be able to motive one another towards bigger and better things.

when reversed, the knight of swords suggests that, while you are overflowing with energy and the drive to move forward, you’re missing your usual focus and balance. in your mission to pursue your goals, you might lose touch with your emotions and treat people as a means to an end. your outlook, usually flowing and alert, is more dogmatic and closed-minded. slow your dogged pursuit. this may not be the right time to act, and other outside influences might be keeping you from progressing. search for alternative, productive ways that help you expend this restless energy, or find activities that rekindle your noted empathy to help you regain your logical and emotional balance. you may make mistakes along the way, but don’t be afraid of failing. just be ready to pick yourself up afterwards and learn from it.