Nine of Cups

Upright: Cheerfulness, Self-confidence, Triumph

Reverse: Addictions, arrogance, Devastation

a royal poodle sits on a cushion with a jeweled collar around its neck and nine ornate cups arching above its head. originally a hunting dog, poodles are incredibly smart, tactically minded animals that work hard to catch their quarry. this poodle is well-groomed, luxuriating in the comfort its hard work has earned it. the nine of cups asks us to enjoy the fulfillment our labors have yielded and to remember the work that went into making it all possible.

when upright, the nine of cups encourages the user that a desire will be met or that a goal will soon become a reality. all of your hard work is about to blossom into something prosperous, and you will be well rewarded for your patience. enjoy whatever happiness you’ve recently found. bask in the contentment. this position is also an invitation to luxuriate in life’s bounty. treat yourself to a new trinket or some self-care. pamper yourself and take some time to count your blessings. as great as it all feels now, remember that this is a temporary state of bliss. appreciate it while you have it, and make sure you do so to the fullest.

when reversed, the nine of cups suggests the undesirable end of your goals. through hard work and faith, you managed to accomplish a goal, but the end reward isn’t what you wanted or even expected. this will serve as a blow to your pride and current state of happiness. you could have been trying to chase emotional fulfillment, but soon found that, beneath it all, something intrinsic to your happiness was missing. everything feels lacking, and it could be difficult to develop or maintain meaningful relationships during this time. this position asks you to do a bit of soul searching and pull yourself up from the abyss of despair before you’re swallowed whole. reexamine your approach. were your goals unrealistic?were you ruthless in your pursuit? did you want more from yourself than you could give? question yourself as a way to take meaningful steps to help you craft a more positive, beneficial plan, , and do your best to abstain from indulgences that may prove unhealthy or distracting.