Nine of Pentacles

Upright: Freedom, Rewards, Self-control

Reverse: Exploitation, Rejuvenation, Scams

a playful cat curls around a yarn ball while surrounded by pentacles framed an ornate window. cats are famous symbols for independence and luck, though they never fail to show love to those they favor. the nine of pentacles echoes the cat’s nine lives. the pentacles outside of the window suggest that the cat has lived through a few of its lives getting to a place of security, but it still has many left to enjoy now that it has received the fruits of its past labor.we must take time to revel in the life we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

when upright, the nine of pentacles suggests that the user has worked hard in their life to achieve a sense of equilibrium. you may have honed your skills and applied for a better job. maybe you’ve gone back for more education, and now the opportunities are rolling in. abundance is flowing freely now, and this is your sign that it’s finally time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. treat yourself! buy something you’ve always wanted and don’t be afraid to pamper yourself with a massage or new outfit. live freely with the security you’ve worked hard to attain.

when reversed, the nine of pentacles implies that you are struggling with your sense of self-worth. doubt is rushing in, making you question whether you have anything to offer the world. your skills may not feel like they’re enough, and nothing you produce feels like it has any value to it. this may have led you to accept less for your labor than you’re worth. conversely, you may be focusing on bettering your self-worth by slowly opening up to self-care. it can be hard to spend money on yourself when you aren’t used to it, but you are beginning to realize you are worth it. in either case, it is time for you to take a step back and realize that you are worth more than you’re letting yourself have. live within your means and understand where your limits are, but make sure that you take time to tune in with your self-worth.