Page of Cups

Upright: engagement, Idealism, naivety

Reverse: childishness, immaturity, obsession

a school of sardines emerges from a brimming cup, agile and in perfect synchronization. sardines represent humility and salt-of-the-earth living. they spring forth from the cup to symbolize sudden opportunity and, through their united efforts, are able to pursue it immediately, twisting and turning through the ocean as if of one mind. the page of cups asks us to remain vigilant for the unexpected and to seize opportunities the instant they appear in front of us.

when upright, the page of cups suggests that the user has recently received important news seemingly out of the blue. you may not know what to do, but this is your moment to take hold of the opportunity set before you. this is your good omen for unexpected but pleasant surprises. be hopeful, be open, be quick to act before the moment is no more. this position also represents both your inner child and emotional maturity. though at odds in concept, they are two sides of one coin. your inner child wants you to enjoy the absurdity of life, to let your hair down and have a bit of fun. at the same time, your season of weariness is broken, and now is your time to shine radiantly. you have recently gained better understanding of your emotional self or reached a new level of maturity. look inward to relish in those changes.

when reversed, the page of cups suggests the user is suffering from emotional vulnerability. obsession with your own personal image will taint how you interact with others, and you’re feeling more guarded around those who you once relied on for understanding. doubt is heavy in your heart. perhaps you’re heading your creative ideas in fear that they might be stolen, or you’re feeling dark feelings of jealousy and bitterness coil up inside of you. examine your feelings and your feelings in a clear and honest way before they overwhelm you. remember that you’re not alone in your fight and the people that you have always relied are there to support you. if new opportunities come to you, examine them with caution and weigh the pros and cons about taking them. nothing will come from quick action right now. the best thing for you is to piece yourself together, and things will eventually turn in your favor.