page of pentacles

Upright: consistency, diligence, enthusiasm

Reverse: frustration, noncommittal, procrastination

a cricket chirps quietly atop a pentacle nestled within the blooming leaves of a peruvian lily. crickets are overflowing with symbolism across many cultures, but most common among them are good luck, wealth, and manifestation. they also symbolize initiative,  — the inner drive that encourages us to push forward and take life into our own hands. the page of pentacles reminds us to emulate this positive influence. choose a goal in life and put your heart and soul into pursuing it. with honest ambition, it’s possible to create a solid foundation upon which we can build a bountiful future.

when upright, the page of pentacles signifies that the user has developed a new sense of purpose. you’ve gained a better understanding for money, wealth, and opportunity; now you’re in a place where your mind is crafting ways to generate more. new opportunities are abundant, and you’re in the proper frame of mind to welcome them with open arms. there’s no guarantee for success, but there’s also no right way to achieve it either. figure out what your goal is, craft a plan, and follow through diligently. you may not have much experience yet, but you are in an energetic frame of mind capable of seeing it to fruition. learn new skills and enlist help from a mentor if needed.

when reversed, the page of pentacles signals that the user won’t want for new opportunities. in fact, this could cause you to become overwhelmed instead of spark your usual excitement. there are so many things to do and projects to tackle, but you don’t have the energy or the focus right now to take any of them on. for now, it would be best to focus on one goal and put the rest aside. now is not the time for multitasking. learn from your past mistakes to keep from overextending yourself. by putting all your focus into one project, you’ll be able to build a proper foundation for your future endeavors.