Page of Wands

Upright: energetic, enthusiasm, exploration

Reverse: passivity, Pessimism, procrastination

a red panda stands firmly atop a branch, munching eagerly away at a sprig of bamboo. red pandas spend the majority of their waking hours eating, bolstering their nutrient-poor diet with constant bouts of foraging. they are tenacious but solitary creatures who explore the world as they eat, nourishing themselves in body and mind. the page of wands is a symbol of restlessness, reminding us that we are always seeking to nourish ourselves with creative energies. even if our attempts fail to yield anything of note, the steps we took along the way make the journey worth it.

when upright, the page of wands suggests that the user is ready and willing to accept a new journey without knowing exactly where it will take them. there is no ultimate goal in mind, but the excitement and enthusiasm to see what might come from it pushes the user into action. you may be feeling restless, overly energetic—creatively and spiritually—with little outlet. this is a sign that a new path is opening for you, and the restless energy you feel is urging you to take it when it presents itself. curiosity should be embraced at this time, and if you feel hesitance or reluctance, consider seeking out a mentor or guide to help you on your way. experiment if you need to, but feel confident in taking the step towards something new. you may be surprised where it leads you.

when reversed, the page of wands can imply several things. it suggests that there is ultimately a sense of restlessness and unease in the user that may have arisen over an idea that hasn’t yet come to fruition or even following a project that never made it off the ground. there are ideas within you that haven’t had the chance to shine the way you know they can. you may feel eager to get them out into the world, but there are obstacles in the way that you haven’t properly accounted for. failure is a scary thing, and it may be paralyzing you from moving forward. try to turn inwards for the clarity you are lacking. assessing what needs to be done before you try again can help prevent problems from repeating themselves in the future. there is a discovery on the horizon for you, one you know you need to make alone. ground yourself and be prepared to redefine your goals if you need to.