Queen of Pentacles

Upright: generosity, practically, sensibility

Reverse: Disorganization, self-absorption, unhealthy

an alpaca sits beneath a bright glowing pentacle, surrounded by plants and flowers and ripe ears of corn. nature is in full bloom, showcasing its fertile bounty as the alpaca watches with a gentle gaze. alpacas represent deep trust and faith. they are caring and nurturing. the queen of pentacles reminds us to look at the gifts we’ve been given and to think hard on how we can nourish them to yield more in the future. there is much more goodness to be had so long as we work hard to bring it into existence.

when upright, the queen of pentacles is a nurturing symbol that reflects the work the user has done to contribute to the world around them through hard work, an integration of work and home life, and promoting security for yourself and those around you. you’ve achieved balance in many aspects of your life. you are enjoying the prosperity that brings you, but know that you must work to maintain it. take steps to deal fairly with others and to create a calm, nurturing space everywhere you go. perhaps you have someone in your life already fulfilling this role for you. seek to emulate them and do your best to share that energy with others.

when reversed, the queen of pentacles represents the user turning their nurturing spirit inwards to care for their inner self. building up and maintaining your own lifestyle is very important to you right now, and you’ve done a lot of work to assure yourself that you are secure in all aspects of your life. you may be eating better, working out more, or otherwise investing in yourself to be the best you possible. conversely, this position can also suggest that some part of your life has become unbalanced. one area may be receiving more attention than another. seek to integrate all aspects of your life, and understand that prioritizing your responsibilities is paramount to achieving harmony. you may need to change your schedule or ask for help if you continue to struggle with this.